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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How Can I contact you?

You can contact us on our Contact Page

Are Pacers permitted?

No, we cannot allow pacers on the course with runners. The entire loop is visible from the aid station. We'll keep an eye out for you! 

Aid Station:

The main aid station will have an assortment of food: soups, sandwiches, pretzels, chips, candies, Hammer products (heed, gels endurolytes), water, sports drinks, soda, vegan foods, pizza (in later afternoon), hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. The satellite aid station will have drinks only. 

If there is anything that you want special, shoot me an email and I'll try to make it happen.


Camping is permitted in the park Friday and Saturday nights only. RV camping may use any of the parking lots. Tent camping may only be set up after 6:00pm Friday night and placed beside the brick building (bathrooms) and toward the front of the basketball courts in the grass. Tents must be removed by 12:00pm on Sunday afternoon.


Bibs and chips can be picked up Saturday am before the race begins. 

Friday Night Pasta feed:

There is a Friday night pasta feed located at the park in the community building from 5-9pm. The community building is beside the barn and Silo. You won't miss it. Free for registered runners and a small fee for family/friends at the door. Items will be: pasta with/without meat sauce, salad, bread, drinks. 


No onsite showers, but bathrooms with sinks and toilets, not just port-a-johns. 

Inclement Weather:

During the race, only lightning will suspend the race until 30 minutes after the last lightning has been spotted. All runners, volunteers, staff will be asked to leave the course until the all clear is given by the race officials. If the race must be cancelled during the race, it will be decided only after exhausting all possibilities to keep the race going. Final word is final word. 

Lap counting:

We will have electronic chip lap counters at the start/finish line, as well as human lap counters at the start/finish line and the satellite aid station for verification purposes. 

Can I change my event?

Yes & No-If a runner registers for one event but wants to change events prior to May 20, 2015, only an increase in event can take place. Such as originally registered for the 6 hr but now desires to run 12 hours, the runner may contact us and pay the additional fees. However, if a runner desires to drop down, such as registered for the 12 hour but now wants to run 6 hours, the runner may stop at 6 hours but distance will be resulted under the 12 hour race. The difference in fees WILL NOT be refunded.


Refunds will be awarded on a case-by-case basis prior to May 10th 2015. A $25.00 processing fee will be deducted from original fees if a refund is awarded.